menu for sunday 7/28

please submit your order by 5pm thursday 7/25

Retail / Flex (Pay as You Go)
$9.95 per meal

Current Meal Plan Members- Please see below:

7-Day Meal Plan Schedule:
2 Meals/day- Select any 8
3 Meals/day- Select any 12
4 Meals/day Select any 16

5-Day Meal Plan Schedule:
5 Meals/Week - Select any 5
10 Meals/Week- Select any 10
15 Meals/Week- Select any 15
**$12 Delivery (Within 15 miles of any Meal Proz Location)
**$17 Delivery (Within 16-20 miles of any Meal Proz location)
**For Members who have registered or are on a recurring plan
**Delivery Curently unavailiabe in the Temple area
*Bulk Menu Items are not included on any Meal Plans.
If you are on a Meal Plan, and would like to purchase Bulk Menu items,
please create a new order and select "I need to Order Bulk Items".

Please select the desired quantity for each meal you choose:

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